I’ve always been creative, I don’t remember any point in my life where I haven’t been drawing, painting, sculpting or simply creating something from scratch. I know creativity had to be a part of my career.

Hello! My name is Sofi

I graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Graphic design and a minor in business.

A couple years later I got my masters degree in Marketing from EADA Business School in Barcelona.

I worked in a small boutique design studio in Panama and in my free time I started working as a freelancer with my own clients. In total, I have been working with my own clients for 6 years now.

How Linea Started:

During my first years working in the creative world, I realized there is a disconnection between the world of design and strategy.

This can result in an identity that is visually strong, but without a strong core, sense of direction and alignment to its business goals.

It was then when I decided to get a masters degree in marketing, to deepen my knowledge in strategy and combine it with creative skills to e able to provide great projects, not only visually, but also aligned with the brand’s goals.

Linea means line in Spanish.

Imagine each dot is a brand element at play during the branding process. They all have to be aligned and work with each other in order for a brand to succeed.

Linea represents the line, the connection between these dots that makes for a  coherent and strong brand with a purpose and a clear direction.

our process


We’ll have a Zoom meeting to discuss the project details in depth. We’ll also send you a brief (questionnaire) to fill out about your project. The brief has questions about the market, target, business, competition, processes, and other questions used during both the strategy and creative processes.

Research and Strategy

We research the target, competitors, global and/or industry trends and any other factor that’s relevant to each project. We also conduct visual research to show you references and different visual ideas. Around that, we develop the core of the brand, so that the brand connects with its audience.

Ideation and Execution

Here is where our ideas come to life. We develop different concepts and begin sketching. After presentations and rounds of changes, we get our final work: a complete environment to exponentiate your brand.

frequently asked questions

How does pricing work?

Every project is its own world, write us an email and we can schedule a 10-15 minute call where you can tell us about your business and what you’re looking for and we’ll send you a personalized quote. For web design is a little different, we’ll need a longer zoom meeting in order to talk about the details of the project so we can give you a quote.

How can I pay?

We accept bank transfers if you’re in Panama, for international clients we accept Paypal and Cuanto app payments. 50% of the price is required to start the project, and the other 50% at its finalization.

What happens if I don't love it?

Every branding project comes with 3 rounds of revisions. Our mission is to do all rounds of  revisions until you’re happy with the project. Although, you don’t have to worry, 90% of projects don’t even need the 3 revisions.