Multi-branding and social media for entrepreneur Carina Altamirano

Carina Altamirano

Brand strategy and structure
Rebranding of main brand
Social Media

About the Brand

Carina is an influencer, content creator and entrepreneur. She owns a second hand clothing store, an online workshop, and hosts live interviews with professionals of different industries.


When Carina started her content creator journey, she exclusively talked about fashion. She named her instagram account “@Ccloset” because she  showed her followers her style and how she combined her different clothing pieces.Throughout the years, “@Ccloset” had become much more than just fashion. It has become a community of women who talk about mental heath, confidence, fashion. It had turned into something deeper, it had transformed, just like Carina had. So we suggested Carina it was time to use her name as a staple.

The Challenge

Since Carina has multiple businesses, this posed a multi-brand challenge.

These are the four brands I worked on:
1. Carina Altamirano (Umbrella brand): Content creator.

2. Ccloset Sale (Carina’s business): A pre-loved clothing shop.

3. The Closet Lab (Carina’s business): An online course.

4. Desde Adentro (Carina’s business): A program where she hosts a variety of speakers.

The Solution

A change in name to “Carina Altamirano” was key for the rebranding. We created a cohesive, strong logo family for Carina and her businesses which reflect her personality, essence and style.

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