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About the Project

Nura's web app is an ongoing project. So far what's been developed (and what you'll see here) is the web app's screens for the nutritionist's side on desktop (The nutritionists' main tool). The patient's side is in its initial UX research phase.

About the Brand

Nura was founded by three Nutritionists who center their beliefs in balance and sustainable habits. They know mind and body are connected and honor ir by working hand in hand with doctors, psychologists and physical trainers.

We created their name, branding and web app.

The Problem

Traditional nutrition's rigid metrics can potentiate unhealthy habits.

Since traditional nutrition tools only measures physical results, this can enhance the idea many patients already have: That the only thing that matters is how your body looks and it doesn't matter what you do to get there.

The Need

Nura nutritionists wanted a digital tool to keep track of their patients progress regarding good, healthy habits, not only in physical metrics. They also needed this platform to be a centralized space to share documents such as medical exams, pictures, etc.

The Solution

Nura: Helping nutritionists improve the lives of their patients one habit at a time

An app that gives the nutritionist a centralized tool to follow up and help their patients to improve their relationship with food through the improvement of habits.By using habits as metrics, the patient is able to focus on sustainable well-being as a goal, instead of only focusing on thinness.


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