Identity and packaging for a Panamanian coconut oil

De La Isla


Selected to be exposed in the BID Expo (Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño)
Madrid 2022

About the Brand

De la Isla is a Panamanian family owned small company dedicated to the production of cold-pressed coconut oil.

De la Isla focuses on sustainability, their coconut oil is ethically extracted and processed on San José Island, Panamá.

Awards & Recognitions

De la Isla was selected to be exposed in an international design exposition!

BID Expo 2022, Madrid
De la Isla will be exposed in Madrid in the BID expo (Bienal Interamericana de Diseño) an international design competition with 16 years of experience.

The Challenge

After research, we concluded the point of differentiation for this product was its Panamanian authenticity and ethical sourcing.

We wanted to convey the Island’s essence visually, that’s why the color palette and icon are inspired by the island’s most popular, and beautiful bird: The Blue Guacamaya.

The Solution

We created a fresh, young and colorful identity to stand out from the more plain, clean, traditional looking competition. We also executed a product photoshoot at the heart of the brand, at the island of San Jose!

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