Identity and packaging for Lavi, unique art pieces



About the Brand

Owned by artist Nava Lavi, Lavi combines modern aesthetics with traditional art techniques, the result are entirely transformed pieces that give every home a touch of uniqueness and artistry.

The name Lavi honors her family name, which then evolved to Levi after her father moved from Iran to Latin America back in 1940.

The Challenge

To capture Lavi’s essence and translate it to visual, we had to have in mind the following key characteristics:

Tradition, heritage, contemporary art and elegance.

The Solution

Lavi takes ordinary objects, breaks them down, separates and mixes them and turns them into unique contemporary art pieces. We took that aspect of the products to present a typography that has traditional influences, but at the same time, has unusual breaks that give the logo a modern but classic appearance.

We created a family of logos for the brands encompassed by Lavi, “Casa Lavi” and “Nava Lavi”. These last 2 logos mentioned, mix contrasting weights and more classical versus modern and simple typefaces.

The color palette was inspired in the colors mostly used by the artist, of course, adding the gold foil for the printed pieces, since it's also a very predominant color in her work.

The overall look of the brand in all design pieces has a very clean, stylish look, mixed with the brush strokes, another element present in her process.


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Brand Strategy

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