Identity for Viajes Gloria Mendez’ young new branch:
The Panama Guide

The Panama Guide


About the Brand

The Panama Guide is the New Brand of Viajes Gloria Mendez. They provide services centered around tourism experiences in Panama.

The Challenge

Create an identity independent to the mother company (Viajes Gloria Mendez).

The Panama Guide’s main service and mission is to provide experiences and tours within Panama.

The goal is to attract a young audience (Panamanians and tourists alike who are around 20-35 y/o) who are interested in Panama's nature and cultural experiences.

The Solution

A young, colorful brand that mixes a modern, clean sans serif with iconic parts of Panama’s natural landscape for the icon (Mountains, the sea and sunny sky).

At the same time, we incorporated a part on the typography into the icon itself, the letter “M” is the mountain in the illustration.

The color palette and shapes of the illustrations were stylized in a very modern, bright way to attract the audience.

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