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Dani Schulz

Dani Schulz

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About the Brand

Dani Schulz started out as an influencer, which is how she started her following. Now, with more than 100k on instagram, 500k on tiktok, Dani has a successful business in which she teaches women about content creation and strategy through her online courses.

The Challenge

Although Dani has a strong brand, with a great audience and following, the brand had no visual identity formally developed. Dani’s Brand recognition is based on her image as an influencer (literally her face). There are no visual elements that the audience recognizes as part of the brand.

Create a strong visual identity that matches Dani’s style, mision and aesthetics. The brand already has these strong pillars and values, our job was to translate them into a visual ecosystem.

The Solution

Create brand awareness and brand recognition that goes beyond Dani’s face, recognition that extends to visual elements.

We created a logo that represents Dani’s vibe, values and style: An elegant typography, with a modern touch, that mixes organic curves and weight contrasts. A color palette with low contrasting pastels we got from the most predominant  colors of her pictures.

Our favorite part is the illustrations based on Dani’s tattoos! Which give the branding a unique and personal touch.

Dani Schulz Desktop
Dani Schulz cursos
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