Identity and packaging for Bocao’ artisanal chocolate

2018 - Present


About the Brand

Bocao' is an organic, artesanal Panamanian chocolate brand committed to working with small local agricultural communities.

The Challenge

During the brand development process we noticed Panamanian chocolate competitors only focused on Panamanian heritage. Our solution to this problem was to build a brand centered on their ethical sourcing values.

Our objective was to create brand awareness, educate about ethical sourcing and connect with Panamanian’s local pride. Bocao’s target are young Panamanians and foreigners living in Panama, they are ethically conscious and like to support small local brands.

The Solution

We created a brand and package that communicates the artesanal attributes, ethical sourcing values as well as its Panamanian identity through visuals and copywriting on the packaging.

We created an iconic, hand-drawn illustration that combines the shape of the country (Panama) and a cacao farmer. We wanted this illustration to be a prominent element of the brand, so we included it on the inside, and we manipulated it and used it on the front design.

Colors, materials (matte cardboard, slight texture) illustrations and textures were chosen to support the visual system created to portray the attributes we discussed previously.


Linea Branding:
Visual identity, ilustrations and packaging

Brand Strategy

Video and photography

Laura Escoffery:

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